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Start-up period——Alley started, the sound operation(1991~2001)

May 1, 1991, in Lucheng Road, Wenzhou City, “ hut type ” humble factory, Hengfengtai predecessor companies Ou County Reducer Factory started. Ye Shengkang lead the staff to carry forward the “ the world is willing to eat bitterness, Dare ” Wenzhou spirit, hard work, self-reliance, enterprises gradually from the production of gear-oriented products, extending to the mixing equipment, lifting equipment, aluminum industrial equipment and other large machinery and equipment manufacturing; from rented premises, to buy land for the construction of the plant started, smoothly transition from informal enterprises to family workshops, annual sales increased to 20 million yuan from the hundreds of thousands.


1991年5月1日, The company formerly known as Zhejiang Ouhai County Reducer Factory was set up in Wenzhou Lucheng Road 197-2.

June 17, 1991, First order transaction, Fuzhou Chemical Machinery Factory became the company's first customer.

August 7, 1991, The first asked the city successfully stirring device, formally entered the field mixer.

November 20, 1992, Alumina signed its first order, began to enter the non-ferrous metallurgical industry.

1993, China's first fronds stirring device Hengfengtai birth.

1994, The company has become China Nonferrous Metals Society of China Metallurgical Equipment Light Unit School Committee members

September 6, 1995, Renamed as Wenzhou Hengtai reducer Manufacturing Co., Ltd..

September 1997, The first successful development of the anode hoist.

2000, By international standards certification ISO9001-1994 edition.

February 23, 2000, Signed its first anode lifting mechanism orders, began to enter the field of aluminum.

December 2001, Eight hanging point framework developed the world's first adjustable horizontal and vertical.



Growing——Track, taking advantage of the(2002-2006)

In December 2002, is located in Ouhai Guo Town Meiyu Industrial Zone Hengfengtai headquarters was completed. With the improvement of enterprise hardware and enhance the company's culture and management system and gradually improve, independent research and innovation has intensified, with annual sales of 70% from the emergence of new products gratifying situation. The company's overall strength is more abundant, with a registered capital increased to 10 million from 1.58 million employees from more than 60 to 400 people with annual sales from 20 million to 100 million yuan breakthrough.


August 5, 2002,The successful development of the first settling tank。

December 11, 2002,The company moved to Plum Island Industrial Zone No. 2-5, has its own plant.

February 5, 2003,Eight hanging anode lifting mechanism, mixers by hand to move the truck unit was awarded a patent certificate.

October 2003,Officially changed its name to Zhejiang Province Hengfengtai reducer Manufacturing Limited.

2004,Successfully developed China's first efficient settling tank, to fill the gap.

July 14, 2004,Hengfengtai First Annual Talent Incentive Awards Assembly was held.

2005,Prudential Thailand and Hungary Branch was established.

October 2005,The first drive series reducer HR137 developed.

October 24, 2005,Workers more than soldiers in Nanjing Military Region General Hospital discharged, Ye save huge amounts of money to millions of foreign workers lives.

November 2005,Won the “ Enterprise Technology Center in Wenzhou City Ouhai ”, “ high-tech enterprise ”

November 2005,Provincial new product “ electrolyzer anode hanging points with eight hoist ” by experts, reached the international advanced level.

December 1, 2006,The company developed new high sedimentation tank by experts, reached the international advanced level.



Development of----Culture upgrade, innovation (2007- present)

2007, the company began to corporate culture and strategic direction to locate, establish “ Germany win the world ” core philosophy, “ customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, maximize economic benefits, social benefits ” the corporate mission and “ to build a world-class machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise ” corporate vision. Oriented corporate culture and business development objectives are established. April 18, 2008, covering 35 acres of Hengfengtai Third Creek Industrial Park started production; June 1, 2010, and the other covering 35 acres of Hengfengtai third production base — — Binhai Industrial Park construction, and in 2012 Chinese New Year officially put into use. So far, the company step onto the scale, industrialization, a new pattern of development of the Group.


October 26, 2007, Hengfengtai industrial robot unveiled Wenzhou Qingbo Hui.

December 2007,High-tech Products “ new and efficient settling tank ” was included “ in 2007 to accelerate the development of equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province key areas first (set) List &rdquo ;.

March 2008, Right to “ Germany win the world ” as the core concept of the cultural characteristics of a comprehensive sort, integration, upgrade, sign business management from “ Experience Management ”, “ System Management ”, to a higher level of “ Cultural Management ” transition.

March 2008, “New and efficient settling tank”As a national Torch Program,“Electrolyzer anode with eight hanging point lifting mechanism”Listed as national key new products.

April 18, 2008, Three grand Creek Industrial Park started production, Hengfengtai“456”The strategic objectives announced.

May 17, 2008, Ye as the 2008 Beijing Olympic torchbearers to participate in the Olympic torch Wenzhou Journey of Harmony.

June 30, 2008, Hengfengtai was listed as the second batch of Wenzhou enterprises to be listed.

August 2008, The largest center drive the successful development of efficient thickener.

December 2008,Hengfengtai been assessed as”National High-Tech Enterprise”

2009,Successful development of solar thermal power generation heliostat tracking precision dual-drive transmission.

November 2010,China's first large-scale seed tank reducer successfully developed, breaking the monopoly of foreign brands.

December 2009,Hengfengtai been identified as“Zhejiang Famous Brand”、“Zhejiang Province”。

January 2010,Is expected to invest 86.2 million, the building area over 30,000 square meters of Binhai Industrial Park groundbreaking ceremony was held.

July 2010,Ye attended organized by the Ministry of Science & ldquo; Industry Development Seminar robot technology and critical infrastructure components & rdquo ;, and made a keynote speech.

May 2011,Hengfengtai won“Efficient thickener”Patents。

November 2011,Hengfengtai main undertake 863 projects planned industrial robots.

January 2012,Marina Park completed and commissioned.

April 2012,The company held a ceremony to grant equity incentives.

April 2012,Hengfengtai was awarded the ACFTU“National Model Home”Title。

June 2012,Hengfengtai awarded the Wenzhou branch“Chuangxianzhengyou advanced grassroots party organizations”Honours。

July 2012,Hengfengtai organization talented employees bring their families“Matera”Day Trip, travel abroad to create a precedent.

August 2012,Company separate Zhejiang Hengfengtai reducer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Hengfengtai Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

October 2012,Dr. Kong Xiangdong, Zhejiang Province, was selected to introduce overseas high-level talents“Thousands plan”。

December 2012,Mainly borne by Hengfengtai 863 major projects planned topics——“High precision and high efficiency industrial robots reducer engineering research ”First floor conference room at Marina Park, National Science and Technology passed the mid-term examination.

April 2013,Our first Roadheader reducer successfully developed and sent to Anhui Sunward ore loaded Limited.

June 2013,Our Equipment Company held in 2013 at the first session of a board of directors Creek Industrial Park, three third floor conference room.

July 2013,Our first imperial planetary reducer developed and sent to American customers.

August 2013,I Secretary Wang Rong won the second prize in 2013 as corporate big job training skills contest and the 9th youth vocational skills competition in the province, the provincial Human Social Security Department awarded the “ technical experts in Zhejiang ”Honor。

September 2013,National undertaken by the Division I “Twelve Five ”863 advanced manufacturing technology“Industrial robots engineered products and automated production lines”Under the subject of major projects“High precision and high efficiency industrial robots reducer engineering research(2011AA04A101)”Acceptance by the Ministry of Science and Technology Organization。

September 2013,Division I won again“AAA-credit business in Zhejiang Province‘Credible’Unit”Title。

October 2012,Ouhai convened to revive the economy and performance-cum-style construction entity of the General Assembly, the chairman of the Division I Yesheng Kang position to speak on behalf of the company to do, to show stronger and Industry from the perspective of enterprise development, adhere to the faith and determination of the main industry.

November 2013,Our Wang into the ninth “Revitalization Cup”National Youth vocational skills competition in the province only一一Bit ranked the sixteenth finals。