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“Hengtai”Creative trademark portfolios personally made ​​by Ye Shengkang chairman, unique creative, rich, memorable.

According to Ye Dong was conceived, trademark top gear, on behalf of Hengfengtai engaged in machinery and equipment manufacturing industry characteristics, but also like the Great Wall forts, symbolizing Hengfengtai creation of China's own brand of national spirit.

Trademark in a circle, the symbol of the Earth, meaning Hengfengtai global market arena, determined through independent innovation and brand, to create a world-class machinery and equipment manufacturing.

Trademarks of letter combinations, is“Hengtai”Cleverly designed the first letter of the alphabet. Among them,“H”One-handed, meaning Hengfengtai courage to break, come to the fore in the peer, open up global markets, create business excellence.

Modeling trademark cylindrical inner side, meaning Hengfengtai Mastery external harmony, internal management and disciplined moral system.

Trademark blue and white as the base color, visual crisp and clean. Blue for the sky, the color of the sea, a symbol of corporate-minded broad, innovative thinking, the implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy; white as jade, color science and technology, the company has a jade-like symbol of good quality products, and through scientific and technological innovation, challenge the unknown, to lead the future.