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Employee benefits:


Hours: 8 hours single break

(Payroll tax);

Paid monthly and year-end performance bonuses based on company performance and system;

Incentive Awards annually 500,000 personnel, 300,000 training funds, selected according to individual ability;

The company provides free uniforms, holiday benefits, paid annual leave, seniority awards, job subsidies。

The company provides free lunch, calls subsidies in different positions, accommodation (with heaters, air conditioners) / housing subsidies;

After the trial period, you can enjoy social insurance, pension insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance, medical insurance, the company will wage withholding part of the personal payable;

Overalls: Overalls All employees paid annually according to different positions。


① Insurance: All industrial injury insurance in the week entry handle, handle social insurance in the regularization of the month。

② Holiday costs: According to state regulations holidays (the Spring Festival, Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.), the company paid the appropriate fee or holiday items according to operating conditions。

③ Meals: All employees enjoy free cafeteria meals at noon。

④ Dormitory: The company offers free hostels and hostels supplies, can not arrange dormitory housing allowance given to employees in addition, employees in the region to implement transportation subsidy。

⑤ Summer high subsidies: performed according to the actual situation of the Company and related documents Wenzhou Municipal People's Government。

⑥ Hospitalization condolences: employees during hospitalization, depending on the specific circumstances of personnel sympathy, condolence payments 300 yuan。

⑦ Wedding gifts: During the period of the company's services staff with the civil affairs department issued a marriage license can receive 1000 yuan gift。

⑧ Fertility gift: with the "birth certificate" can receive 300 yuan a gift. (Within the limits permitted by the scope of the national family planning policy)

⑨ Condolences Gold: During the period of the company's services staff within three generations lineal (including parents, spouse, children) died, with valid proof of the local police station or the civil affairs departments to give 500 yuan in relief funds。